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Hi! My name is Kelly and I am a recipe developer, food photographer, food stylist, and videographer. At Vocabulary of Food, we believe that there is no love more sincere than the love of good food. Food has the ability to evoke strong emotions and memories, and it is a powerful means of self-expression. That’s why we are passionate about creating and sharing recipes. On my blog, you’ll find a mix of classic dishes as well as creative recipes that blends the flavors of cuisines. I hope to share my love of food with my readers and inspire them to cook.

In the kitchen, we are free to be creative, to let our imaginations run wild and our taste buds dance.


food is the unbreakable bond that ties us to what we hold dear; our families, friendships, memories, and the traditions that shape us
the taste and smell of food Evoke emotions and memories For me

I started creating content because of my deep-rooted passion for food and cooking, which has been a prominent feature in my family’s history. My grandfather started off a chef on a cruise ship and eventually saved enough money for my grandparents to move to America, where they opened a Chinese take-out restaurant, with their six children. My father met my mom in school. Soon after, he frequented the restaurant where their friendship eventually blossomed.

My father aspired to become a pastry chef, but he eventually gave up his dream to earn a living. Instead, my parents opened a coffee shop and bakery, where I spent my childhood. Both of my family’s businesses not only fostered my love for cooking but also, provided me with invaluable insights into the culinary industry. I grew up surrounded by the rich culinary traditions of my heritage and have always been passionate about exploring new flavors and cooking techniques.


food is a journey that takes us through different flavors, cultures, and traditions
Life is about the little things but it’s especially about eating deliciously

In addition to my passion for cooking and exploring new flavors, I also have a few missions that I strive to achieve through my cooking blog.

Firstly, I aim to provide written recipes for traditional family favorites, especially since many families may not have written recipes for their cherished dishes. By doing so, I hope to preserve these recipes for future generations and ensure that they are accessible to anyone who wants to try them.

Secondly, I believe in minimizing food waste and promoting sustainability in the kitchen. One way to do this is by using all parts of an ingredient, whether it’s using vegetable scraps for stock or repurposing leftovers into new dishes. Through my blog, I hope to inspire others to adopt a more sustainable approach to cooking.

Lastly, through my blog, I strive to make these cuisines accessible and approachable to everyone, which is why I create written posts in addition to video and photography content to cater to different types of learners. By making these cuisines more accessible and approachable, I hope to inspire others to explore new flavors and embrace the diversity of our global food culture.


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